Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mean Girls

        This is what happens when boredom hits. Last week as I rummaged through my supplies, I found a perfect little india ink pen and decided to experiment with my contour drawing. Needless to say, these are what I came up with. Mean Girl 1 ("Why are you still talking?") and Mean Girl 2 ("Can we go back to the 60's like, now?") which I will sell soon as prints (but I am still undecided as to whether or not watercolor or Copic markers are necessary) along with many others.

        I still have not found the perfect selling platform/web host, so for now I will have to reside with Big Cartel (just until I earn enough funds to upgrade). I've been having such a troublesome time in figuring out how and where to start off, especially with very little resources, but I am trying my hardest to move forward. For now, it is best to keep painting and drawing. Summer is coming closer and so are new sources for inspiration. Hopefully soon I get a permanent domain; until then, please take a look at some of my pieces.